Welcome to “Working Creative!”

Welcome to “Working Creative”, a blog focused on entering, surviving and thriving in various aspects of the creative industry.   I have a lot of experience in many aspects of sound and music and have worked in the Los Angeles entertainment industry for twenty years.  I have stories to tell, tips to share, advice to give but I also have a lot of friends in various creative positions that will be contributing as well. I truly believe that a lot of lessons in surviving and understanding working day to day in the various arts are universal! I hope to have posts about networking, composing, client relations, sound editing, music business, copy writing, resume building, voice over, trailer music, graphic design, and dozens of other topics. Hopefully we will have a lot of fun along the way.  Wether you are a beginner looking to enter the industry or seasoned veteran, I am sure there will be something here for you.

We are currently constructing the site and writing content but hope to start regular postings soon.  Check back in the future for all kinds of fun stuff.

Thanks and stay creative!

Brian Roth

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