Remember to click save and backup, backup, backup!

I know you know this! I can’t believe I am even writing this! You have probably learned this lesson the hard way. Probably more than once. I have surely learned this lesson the hard way. Definitely more that once. But it is worth saying again….

Remember to click save! & Back your work up!


Save and backupClick save frequently! Seriously this post is as much for me as it is for you.   If you work with computers, and you probably do, remember to hit save as often as you can!  Power failures, accidentally hitting the wrong key, not having enough undos, spilled coffees on the drive, freak donut accidents, a rogue parrot, earthquakes, an apocalypse – a million things can go wrong! If you haven’t saved you will suffer!   It seems that every time I lose something by not clicking that one simple key I can never quite re-create what I lost and waste hours trying to re-create some brilliant edits.  Save often, save big, or go home!

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. -Emo Phillips


Seriously, Backup your work!  I like to have at least three back up copies of everything I create.  I have one on my studio computer and then one on my time machine backup drive that I run at least once a day.  I also have several large removable drives and/or DVDs to drop project files on semi-regularly for long-term storage.  Keeping these off site or using an off site service is highly recommended.   I never want to be in a situation where a client comes back to me a year later with a commercial edit or a song remix and not be able to pull it up and fix it.  Backup. Backup. Backup. 

“Back that thang up” -Juvenile

I serious feel silly writing this post but we all can use a reminder once in a while.  So one more time – say it with me – “click save & back your files up!”  Now!  Please!


If you have a story about a time you forgot to click save please share below…

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