Bonham and the congas (Videos)

I found this video on one of my favorite blogs Bobby Owsinski’s Big Picture Music.  If you are into sound and music and don’t currently follow his blog you should! (along with this one of course!)


We can’t always be everything – but we can sure as hell try!

Just because you take great nature photography doesn’t mean you snap great portraits.  Just because you are a great dramatic actor doesn’t mean you can pull off a romantic comedy.  And just because you are one of the most kick ass drummers from arguably the most influential rock band of all time, doesn’t mean you are also a great percussionist!

I bet you didn’t even realize that Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” had a percussion track.  I didn’t notice it.  Sometimes the things that we don’t notice are the linchpin that pulls a song together. That’s probably not the case here though! This isolated percussion track played by the great John Bonham kind of proves the point that a great drummer doesn’t necessarily make a great percussionist. Perhaps he was having a bad day.  He seems to be struggling to find a groove on those congas. But as Bobby O pointed out, “the percussion track didn’t hurt this song much in the end.

(The track starts at about 1 :30)


Now we all have our good times bad times – I know I’ve had my share. (<–get it) Trying new things is good but it doesn’t always work out.  Like a good stock portfolio diversification is good when working in the creative industry.  Learning new skills and expanding your repetoire is always good career advice, but knowing your limitations is important as well.  If you can’t do it, hire the right person for the job.  But then again when it comes right down to it, imperfections are sometimes that ingredient that makes creative work come to life!  Give it a shot!


Just to bring balance back into the world – here is a better day with one of the great drummers of rock n’ roll!!

(Drumstick photo courtesy of hinnamsaisuy/

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